Rainbow Grocery - San Francisco

Meeting at Rainbow Grocery

Suzi is endearingly perceptive.
She concludes,

Not with cell phone…
he’s not someone who can’t bear to be alone.
He might well be complicated,
lively spirit situated.

She sees in him a goodness
only artists understand.

Glowing in her face
a reassuring grace
rippling with insightful visions of
the human race.

Suzi has a smile
that occupies a special place,
showing off her empathetic
rainbow flavored dreamlike taste.


      Meeting At Rainbow Grocery (Sound Clip) - Robert Lane Wilder

The above is just a sound clip. You can get the entire track, of the author reading this poem, by clicking here.


Rainbow Grocery = A popular health food co-op in San Francisco. A random scene from it pictured above.


© 2017 by Robert Lane Wilder