Have a Pressing Problem?

This place on Sacramento Street
sits you in a catbird seat.
For finery in need of care
Peninou helps you there!

Gamely Pierre Peninou
knowing what your garment’s worth,
glowingly measures girth.
This handiness is brought to you
by expert Pierre Peninou!

Need to hurry? There’s no worry.
Accommodating through and through,
plucky Pierre Peninou!
There’s a fancy logo on his company hat.
Consummate taste shows in that.
Cultured Pierre Peninou!

Pierre mending collar stays.
He impresses proper plays.
Remarkable his craftsmanship
especially with finer things.
Making sure seersucker suits
positively sing!

Whir-rr-rr his machines go.
Knowingly he unwrinkles, blocks, repairs, even cuffs & collars
skirts, culottes, sweats, blazers…
even common laundry bags
spruced up with a winning splash!

Velvet capes he cleans with style.
Get your night gowns pressed with dash.
If you want to you can have
a suit tailor made for you…
crafty Pierre Peninou!

He can reinforce, depill,
stain guard or repel for you.
Flat cuffs cold, that’s old hat.
Complicated stuff he’ll do,
even tiresome dreary tasks
all of that arranged for you,
just call Pierre Peninou!


© 2017 by Robert Lane Wilder