George Grosz

George Grosz redacted imagery poignantly.
Into human folly, grasped the zeitgeist by its throat.
Convention and conformity he took apart sharply
nailing its reality, civilization in decline.

George Grosz - Robert Lane Wilder poetry

Pointing out pointlessness,
showing and revealing the evils of an ugly age.
Grosz a peerless visionary exposing completely
the underpinnings of corruption.

Eagerly he’d spotlight
this milieu, its grim chokehold…
Grosz unequaled social critic
prescient, he foretold.

Everyday I scootch around
disgusted much like him,
social failures wreaking havoc
without and within.

Bureaucrats, pervasive
robots waving corporate fists,
clearing out the best and brightest
from within our midst.


Drawing above by George Grosz


© 2017 by Robert Lane Wilder