Digital Ambivalence

Faceless minions every day
bubble up from coffee cups
gadgets of all shapes and sizes
piteously holding sway

A harrowing despair
spilling over everywhere
bodies pink and overweight
pasted into chairs

Frantic fingers plinkity plink
knocking over pricey drinks
overflowing greed
an arrogance that lingers

Icky packs of yupsters
simply don’t look up
pawing pointless laptops
a south of Market coffee shop


© 2017 by Kelsey Wilder

George Grosz

George Grosz assigned ideas to imagery poignantly.
Into human folly, grasping zeitgeist by the throat.
He took apart convention and conformity a lot
nailing its reality, civilization in decline.

George Grosz - Kelsey Wilder poetry

Pointing out pointlessness,
the evils of an ugly age.
Grosz a peerless visionary
zeroed in, exposed its veils,
the underpinnings of corruption.

Eagerly he’d spotlight
this milieu, its grim chokehold…
Grosz unequaled social critic
prescient, he foretold.

Everyday I trudge around
disgusted much like him,
social failures wreaking havoc
without and within.

Bureaucrats, pervasive
corporate robots waving fists,
clearing out the best and brightest
from within our midst.


Drawing above by George Grosz


© 2017 by Kelsey Wilder

Unfulfilled Desires

Unfulfilled Desires - Kelsey Wilder poetry
Jaded as I scootch around
under San Francisco
waiting for a train to come
underneath I’m glum

Noticing the dim and dumb
wannabes from office towers
rap tap tapping phones
workers tracked by satellites

Everywhere distractions
feeling discomboobulated
clamoring for something better
gazing at my shoe

In me gobs of ire flailing
flummoxed by a million billion
unfulfilled desires
cranky demons cackling

I am not sure why
a little wobbled mild mannered joe
falling prey to corporate metal
teeth that don’t let go


Drawing above by Frost Newton

© 2017 by Kelsey Wilder

Have a Pressing Problem?

A place on Sacramento Street
that sits you in a catbird seat.
For finery in need of care,
Peninou, he’ll meet you there!

Old hand Pierre Peninou
knowing what your garment’s worth,
glowingly he measures girth.
Unrivaled service brought to you by
plucky Pierre Peninou!

In a hurry? Please, don’t worry.
There is so much he can do.
Skillful Pierre Peninou!
Fancy looking logo on his company hat.
Consummate taste, it shows in that.
Cultured Pierre Peninou!

Pierre mending collar stays.
He’ll impress proper plays.
Remarkable his craftsmanship
especially with finer things.
He’ll make sure seersucker
suits positively sing!

He’ll unwrinkle, block, repair, even cuff & collar
skirts, culottes, sweats and blazers.
Pierre spruces laundry bags
always with a winning splash.
Velvet capes he’ll clean with style.
Get your night gown pressed with dash.
Suits he tailors just for you.
Crafty Pierre Peninou!

He will reinforce, depill,
stain guard & repel for you.
Flat cuffs cold, that’s old hat.
Stuff that he can quickly do.
Call up Pierre Peninou!


© 2017 by Kelsey Wilder

Casing the Headlands

Casing the Headlands

Snappy cannons in these hills
conveying what’s American.

Here by Rodeo Beach
before there were A-bombs
mammoth gun turrets
kept enemies at bay.

In this place orderlies
from distant eras congregate.
A wistful klatch of inductees
gath’ring under clumps of trees.

Attachés from long ago
in silver hazes by the sea
spindly ring metallic notes
buoys fiddle dee dee

Gazing out at blue sea stack
(along this coast a shimmery glaze),
taking in the crashing waves

Like Helmut Lang in days of yore,
a slinky wisp perambulating
prancing this majestic shore
wandering ’round I lurk and ponder Hill 88.

What ghosts will some strange cat see
fifty years from now?

Will there be another batch of narley
spirits by the sea?
Gaucho reincarnates
loping down scrubby slopes?

Maybe they’ll be perched beside
a dreamy wag like me
who also comes to perorate…
a little philosophical by Hill 88.1


1 Rodeo Beach & Hill 88 are in the Marin headlands of Golden Gate park, locations which for a hundred years plus were part of a monster military base. Happily, these are now a staging ground for spectacular sunsets.


© 2017 by Kelsey Wilder

Music and Poetry Audio

The following tracks are performances by author Kelsey Wilder with music by Anthony Sepulveda.

Note: Below are short samples only. These are all clips taken from this author’s longer, entire songs or poems. Contact us here to get the full songs or poems.


      (clip) The San Francisco Beat - Sepulveda and Wilder


      Clamorous Brooklyn - Sepulveda and Wilder


      Her Black Crushed Velvet Hat - Sepulveda and Wilder


The Mass Transit Blues


Nonexistent safety net
no help for the ones who get
billed a hundred thousand times
the going rate getting sick
swindled by some Kafkaesque
health insurance bureaucrats

Jerked around and fingered
like a piece of human lumber
treated like a grim subhuman
tagged with ID number

Corporato profiteer robots far and near
pawns and peons rushing ’round
(ambitious sorts who do not care and
could not be more cruel)
obsequious and cavalier
greed has become cool

Where is love where compassion
human warmth not in fashion
space cadets in public spaces
sporting ugly stressed out faces

Wondering and pondering
what does all this mean
jittery fingers palpitating
up & down purse strings
challenged brains don’t care
nothing works any more

Pacing floor corner store
trudging down a filthy sidewalk
between trash heap squares and screws
miseries a zillion billion bundled up shoving throughs
between every hangdog face
the mass transit blues


Snapping turtles left and light
snip snap about grand dysfunctions
underpinning urban blight


-copyr. 2017 by Kelsey Wilder