Guts & Grit: G & G

Guts & Grit: necessary
to replace complacency.
Guts & Grit: G & G.
That’s the answer: G & G.

Unfortunately prevalence of TV &
the internet in so many lives today
reduces and diminishes chances for good outcomes.
What’s it going to take to turn this ship around?

Each of us must try to wake up and transcend…
because in the real world
huge disasters dead ahead!

Guts & Grit: necessary
to replace complacency.
Guts & Grit: G & G.
That’s the answer. Guts & Grit.

Guts & Grit: G & G.
Sounds like ham on rye.
G & G is just more tasteful…
you’ll see if you try.

Seeing with more clarity
what is truly happening,
not distracted by TV,
cel phones or the internet…

Try to live each day
as if it well might be your last.
You can use this mindset
to help you do important tasks
that need close attention.

It’s high time move beyond that fakebook page and live.
Influence reality. Get together! Organize!
Stand against dictatorship.
It’s dangerous and evil.
We can not let this go unchecked.
Forces of corruption today abusing power,
pushing everyone on earth closer to destruction!

Guts & Grit: G & G.
Sounds like ham on rye.
G & G is just more tasteful…
you’ll see if you try.

Worth repeating, great Bob Marley:
Get up, crackers.
Stand up for your rights!
Get up, crackers.
Don’t give up the fight!


© 2018 by Robert Lane Wilder

Machiavellian Business Snakes

Machiavellian Business Snakes - art by Frost Newton
Spotlights on the fellers
felling old growth trees

Hateful CEOs
wrecking homes of creatures
steamrolling habitats
wiping out wetlands
pulverizing nature

Corporate crooks who factory farm
deceptions at the core
sweeping under carpets
the damage that they do

Parasites fakes
machiavellian business snakes
shortsighted money grubbing
wormy squirmy weasels

Typically in coats and ties
narcissistic weenies
propagating waste and ruin
bulldozing nature

Hatching globs of air pollution
machiavellian business snakes
claiming they know what it takes

All wound up inside a monstrous
zillion dollar tower
exercising strangleholds
flaunting daunting power

Making sure even more life forms die
this barbaric juggernaut
the hollow world of suits
multiplies its knockout blows

Pumping toxins into rivers
dumping plastics in the ocean
all the time refusing to accept responsibility
high strung dipshits
power grasping pricks
raping mother earth


Drawing above by Frost Newton


© 2017 by Robert Lane Wilder

The Savior

On Powell Street a few blocks up from Market,
a rail thin, black transsexual in hot pants and a bra
is yelling at people, “25 cents. That’s all I need
to get something to eat!

When I put a dollar in her hand, she says in a high-pitched voice,
Oh my God, darling! You saved my life!

And after I walk a few steps past her, I turn and see her
moving through the crowd, probably to the Burger King
or McDonalds where she’ll savor her food
as if it was a gourmet meal,

and maybe say a prayer for me. . .

the one who saved her life.

© 2017 by Jeff Zable

The Managed Care Machine

This Managed Care Machine

Managed care patients
sit and steam suffering for hours
waiting to get seen

First fill out this form sir
handed wads of paper
hokey arts on the wall
everything in here screams

You’ve Arrived Inside
a Soulless Managed Care Machine

Short shrifts what you get
blinded by fluorescent light
in your head disgust careens

What you think or feel here
remains insignificant
intimidating and surreal
Kafka-esque a world obscene
This Managed Care Machine


© 2017 by Robert Lane Wilder

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Arts Council Meeting in California

The California Arts Council Butt-Kissing Section

Our minds never open. On this you can count!
The California Arts Council Butt-Kissing Section
invites you to its annual Back Stabbers Party.

Butt-kissing cronies get admittance for a pittance.
All other riff-raff has to cough up bundles.

Our highest priority is practicing cliquishness,
vindicating well-dressed clean cut weenies.

We display sanctimonious inauthentic ways
propping up liars with glad handing sneers…
this world’s gauchest brownnosing back stabbers
make for the drippiest party in years!


© 2017 by Trajan Black