Civil Rights Poetry - The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones

Heady Sidney P. & Tony C.,
The Defiant Ones!

Quite a gritty flick.
This unlikely pair,
convicts from a chain gang,
one man black, one man white.

Managing to run away
even though restrained,
to each other chained

Just one step from hostile guns
aiming to blow out their brains…
heady Sidney P. & Tony C.,
The Defiant Ones!

Into swamps & bayous
running out of time,
chased by posse gaining ground
fixing just to gun them down!

Fighting with their biases and
hatred over skin complexion,
somehow these two thrive…

In desperate gits from evil
they manage to survive,
gutsy and determined,
braving existential threats …

Prescient how his film addressed
much today still not done,
how recurring social problems
keep so many on the run.

Pointing pointless bias up,
Hollywood’s dramatic drum…
thrust of Sidney P. & Tony C.,
The Defiant Ones.

© 2017 by Robert Lane Wilder